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Image of Baader 6 Colour Filter Set

Baader 6 Colour Filter Set

The 1.25" Baader 6 Colour Filter Set comprises three longpass and three genuine bandpass filters, which act similar to a nebula filter, so that only a small portion of the visual spectrum is transmitted to emphasise certain planetary surface detail. All...

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Image of Baader Contrast Booster Filter

Baader Contrast Booster Filter

The Baader contrast filter booster will help sharpen up your stellar images, boosting contrast, emphasising lunar, Martian and Jovian surface details and cutting down on visible light pollution. The filter is especially useful in economy refractor telescopes,...

Image of Baader Fringe Killer Filter

Baader Fringe Killer Filter

Baader's Fringe Killer filter minimises the blue fringing sometimes present in images, as well as any red fringing of 656nm or more. Light transmission remains good, so the image should still be bright and clear.

Image of Baader Neodymium + IR Cut-Off (Moon + Skyglow)

Baader Neodymium + IR Cut-Off (Moon + Skyglow)

The Baader Neodymium + IR Cut-Off (Moon + Skyglow) filter drastically improves contrast for all reflector telescopes, without loss of brightness. The filter greatly intensifies surface details on Mars, Jupiter and Moon and enhances many deep sky galaxies...

Image of Baader OIII Filter

Baader OIII Filter

The 1.25" Baader OIII Filter is specially designed for the observing the night sky and offers high contrast views of gas and planetary nebulae that are emitting light from narrow OIII wavelengths. For many objects, the Baader O-III reveals a level of...

Image of Baader Semi APO Filter

Baader Semi APO Filter

This Baader semi-APO filter is for use with achromatic optics and is designed to cut down on the chromatic aberration and fringe aberration of achromat lenses; presenting a clearer, crisper image.

Image of Baader Single Polarising Filter

Baader Single Polarising Filter

Astronomical polarising filters such as this are predominantly useful in lunar observation. Lunar images can appear overly luminous, with details lost in the glare. A polarising filter will cut down the glare and sharpen contrast, allowing you to pick...

Image of Baader UHC-S / L-Booster Filter

Baader UHC-S / L-Booster Filter

This Baader UHC-S / L-Booster Filter has been produced to aid in deep sky viewing. Extraneous light is reduced and contrast is upped; increasing the visibility of nebulae and stars.